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June 18 - July 1, 2018

Welcome to your astrological health guide. Using the daily planetary transits, the high points of each week will be given. The information is geared to the general public and will include helpful tips to deal with stressful planetary combinations as well as information on days that promise vitality, mental stamina and/or endurance.*

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Week of June 18, 2018

June 18: Moon trine Uranus and trine Saturn: This is a day of vitality and creative self-expression. This is a good day to increase your intake of raw foods as it can help alleviate a health condition or make you feel more energized. Will feel confident with a feeling of stability.

June 19: Mercury trine Jupiter: This is an optimistic combination which aids the mind and promotes healthy liver function. You are able to use good common sense in diet and exercise. It favors the use of a traditional health therapy over an alternative or radical therapy.

June 20: Mercury trine Neptune: This combination gives a sense of well-being and security which supports your health. It also enhances your imagination.

June 21: Venus opposite Mars: This can have a variety of effects such as poor muscle tone, an acid-alkaline imbalance or renal irritation. Women can experience menstrual difficulties. There can also be skin eruptions. Corn, bananas and lentils are muscle-building foods. Avocados are useful to aid an acid-alkaline imbalance. Marigold or calendula lotion are helpful for skin disorders. Beets are excellent in regulating menstrual problems.

June 22: Moon trine Sun and opposite Uranus: Can be vitality but at the same time this can be a day of emotional highs and lows. Other people disrupt your schedule with interruptions. Foods such as strawberries and bananas help promote tranquility.

June 23: Sun sextile Uranus: This combination aids the vitality and circulation. A new diet regimen might interest you. There can be a cure through an unusual form of healing.

Mercury opposite Pluto: This combination can give mental intensity but you can swing from one extreme to another. There can be nerve irritation from overstraining your nervous system. Ego conflicts with other people can lead to stress-related ailments such as hypertension or insomnia. Foods such as citrus fruits, pomegranates, nut oils and strawberries can add a calming influence.

June 24: Moon sextile Pluto and trine Mercury: This combination gives a feeling of rejuvenation. It is a good day to start a new health regimen. This combination aids the memory and the nervous system. Gives stamina and mental energy. There can be satisfaction in mental activities and a sensible approach to problems.

Week of June 25:

June 25: Venus square Jupiter: This is an excessive combination causing a laxity in the diet and illness due to overeating. It can be difficult to stay on a diet as there is a craving for sugary or fatty foods. There is a disinclination to exercise and the potential for toxins from excess eating putting a strain on the liver. Raw apples can stimulate a sluggish liver. Celery is also useful.

June 26: Mars goes retrograde: Mars will be retrograde until August 27: Since Mars rules surgery it may be advisable to postpone any electional surgery until it goes direct.

June 27: Sun opposite Saturn: Your appetite can be poor now. Your metabolism can be slow and resistance is down. Health conditions that you have neglected can surface now, especially dental problems. The cell salt Calc Phos is useful for dental problems. Calc Phos is found in cucumbers, figs, spinach, barley and rye. Spices added to food can increase the metabolism.

June 28: Full Moon in Capricorn: Though Full Moon’s tend to be emotional and moody times, falling in Capricorn will tone down the effects. Can be some stress in the professional sphere. The tissue salt Mag Phos helps revitalize the brain and the nerves.

June 29: Mercury enters Leo: Creativity is enhanced. There is mental confidence. The theater and the arts will bring mental stimulation and will aid in relaxation.

June 30: Mercury square Uranus: You can become easily stressed today. You can find yourself impulsive and in a hurry. Sleep is difficult as it is hard to turn off your mind. Some herbs and spices that have a relaxing effect are allspice, cardamom, anise, basil and celery seed.

July 1: Moon square Jupiter and opposite Venus: Can overindulgence in sweets and fatty foods. You may be retaining fluids. An herb of Jupiter is bilberry, which makes an effective diuretic. Bodily rhythms can be off today. Stomach indigestion caused by overeating rich foods can be helped by ripe mango, papaya or pineapple.

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