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August 14 - 27, 2017

Welcome to your astrological health guide. Using the daily planetary transits, the high points of each week will be given. The information is geared to the general public and will include helpful tips to deal with stressful planetary combination as well as information on days that promise vitality, mental stamina and/or endurance.*

*  Please read the disclaimer

Week of August 14, 2017

August 14: Moon aspects Mercury, Neptune, Mars, Venus, Pluto and the Sun. A day of varied emotional responses. Some dreaminess and desire for pleasure combined with a tendency to overreact at times. A need for rest at the end of the day to restore vitality. There is the potential for eyestrain. The roasted pulp of an apple applied to the eyelids can help relieve inflamed or tired eyes.

August 15: Venus opposite Pluto: There can be extremes in diet or exercise routines that can adversely affect health. You may experience skin disorders such as acne or warts. Black, red and white currants help treat skin disorders.

Excess intake of sugary foods can cause a problem with sugar metabolism. Chromium is important in the metabolism of sugar. It is found in Brewer’s yeast, carob and whole, unrefined foods. It can also be taken as a supplement.

August 16: Moon aspects Mercury, Neptune, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn: There is mental energy and drive and initiative . Some tendency to feel scattered and stressed from attempting to do too many things at once. You need to focus your attention on one task at a time and allow yourself frequent breaks.

By day’s end you can be experiencing mental exhaustion or low spirits. Ginseng can help against depression and aid the mind. The essential oil Ylang-Ylang helps relieve nervous tension and is an anti-depressant.

August 17: Venus square Jupiter: This is an excessive combination causing a laxity in the diet and illness due to overeating. It can be difficult to stay on a diet as there is a craving for sugary or fatty foods. There is a disinclination to exercise and the potential for toxins from excess eating putting a strain on the liver. Raw apples can stimulate a sluggish liver. Celery is also useful.

August 18: Moon aspects Mercury, Neptune, Pluto and Jupiter: Much mental stimulation and creativity early in the day. You may find yourself going from one extreme to the other as you switch from astuteness to obsessiveness. Emotions are off balance and other people seem to be getting in your way. A small amount of licorice root can help restore balance.

August 19: Moon conjunct Venus and square Uranus. This is a day that can result in emotional tension and over excitability. You need time to process your feelings to avoid overreacting. A tea made from tarragon is useful against hyperactivity.

August 20: Mars sextile Jupiter: This combination contributes to a healthy body. It also aids liver function. There is also improved muscle tone making it a good time to begin doing weight-bearing exercises.

Week of August 21:

August 21: Sun trine Uranus: This is an energetic combination giving you good circulation and vitality. It also contributes to a hopeful outlook.

Solar eclipse in Leo: Eclipses signal dramatic changes in our lives and can be times of hectic activity and pressure. It can be an extremely busy time with a lot of stress and demands. It can be an unpredictable time so proceed with caution when engaging in new projects. People may crave excitement and fun at this time. Leo is a fire sign so avoid radiation, heat or too much Sun at this time. Drink plenty of water.

Leo rules the heart muscle so this is not a time to stress your heart. Avoid strenuous exercise or any exercise in sweltering heat if you are prone to heart disease. Anyone with heart disease needs to be monitored by a doctor. Garlic can bring down high-blood pressure but conditions such as hypertension should be evaluated by a doctor. Stress can be relieved by a juice made from celery, carrot and tomato juice.

August 22: Mars trine Saturn: This is a positive combination giving endurance and stability. There is the ability to concentrate on difficult projects and the stamina to complete them. Engaging in muscle building exercises is beneficial at this time. Corn is a muscle building food. You will also have a sense of caution that prevents you from taking unnecessary risks in sports activity.

August 23: Moon square Saturn sextile Venus: A somber beginning to the day ends in pleasure and contentment. Much can be accomplished early in the day.

August 24: Venus square Uranus: This combination can indicate nervous disorders resulting in an itchy skin disorder that breaks out on your arms and legs or a condition such as hives. Aloe Vera can be used as a gel, ointment or lotion for skin disorders. There can also be heart palpitations brought on by nervous stress. Wild cherry syrup added to tea can help nervous palpitations of the heart. (Any serious heart disorder should be seen immediately by a physician.)

August 25: Moon aspects Pluto, Jupiter, Saturn and Mars: You can find yourself moody and changeable early in the day, overreacting to minor irritations. A cup of chamomile or passion flower tea can relieve stress. This is followed by optimism, emotional control and drive and accomplishment.

August 26: Sun conjunct Mercury: This is an active day with hectic activity resulting in nervousness and physical exhaustion. It can be difficult for you to concentrate on one thing at a time. Work off nervous energy by taking a brisk walk or add a few drops of valerian tincture to water and drink. Valerian herb should be used in moderation.

August 27: Jupiter sextile Saturn: There can be more of a sense of balance and harmony. You are willing to give up foods or habits that are detrimental to your health. You will have endurance and discipline.

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