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Health of the Nation

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December 2018

Welcome to the monthly astrological health guide, Health of the Nation. Using planetary transits, the high points of each day with significant activity follow below. The information is geared to the general public and includes helpful tips to deal with stressful planetary combinations as well as information on days that promise vitality, mental stamina and/or endurance. This page, just like the rest of this Web site, is subject to a disclaimer.

December 1: Mercury enters Scorpio: There can be added depth and focus to the mental processes. A good time to investigate any health issue. Some tendency to overstraining the mind. There can obsessiveness and mental strain leading to mental fatigue. The herb kava kava can help relieve the stress associated with work.

December 2: Sun square Mars: This aspect confers vitality and energy but a tendency to hastiness or impulsiveness can make you accident-prone. This runs the gamut from scrapes and falls to burns or accidents from sharp instruments. There is a tendency to push oneself too hard which can lead to sickness from overwork, muscle injury and in severe cases, heart strain or high blood pressure. Any indication of heart trouble should be seen immediately by a doctor. At this time you can experience a feverish or inflammatory response to disease which tends to be acute. You are more prone to stomach upset at this time and should lower your intake of high-acid foods such as meat, soft drinks and white pasta.

Venus enters Scorpio. Feelings and emotions run deep. A good time to get passionately involved in a new project. This combination can lead to sexual excess. Be sure to use proper precautions to avoid sexually transmitted disease. There can be excessive glandular secretions leading to skin complaints. Tree tea oil used externally is an aid to skin disorders as is calendula lotion. There can be a difficulty metabolizing sugar at this time so should keep intake of sweets low.

December 5: Sun square Neptune: Sun square Neptune is a warning to wash fruits and vegetables carefully to avoid insecticides and to use caution in the use of products containing chemicals. The body is more sensitive now and there can be allergic reactions to chemicals. Sensitive individuals are prone to the bad effects of air pollution. There can also be adverse reactions to drugs so use care in over-the-counter drugs.

December 7: Mars conjunct Neptune: This can be a devitalizing combination especially if you have been neglecting your body. Resistance can be down and there is poor adrenal function. You are more prone to infections and the ill effects of pollution or chemicals. The adrenals benefit from Vitamin C and pantothenic acid as well as parsley and licorice root. Lemons are effective against germs. Garlic and onions help fight infection. It is not a good time for surgery as there can be problems with anesthetics.

In health matters, there can be misdiagnosis of illness wrong medication and a proneness to stress-related ailments. Muscles can be weak and need to be built up. Almonds are a muscle building food and avocados and coconuts are body-building foods. Raisins are a good energy food. You are also more susceptible to food poisoning and conditions such as anemia. It is a time to build up the blood with teas such as Red Clover and increase iron-rich foods in your diet. Cherries are valuable against anemia as is beef. Beet juice combined with blackberry juice is a blood builder.

December 12: Mercury re-enters Sagittarius. This puts the planet of locomotion in a locomotive sign ruling the hips and thighs. Use care on icy sidewalks or winter sports. Can also be more of a tendency to coughs. Sunflower tea is good for coughs and colds. This is an optimistic combination but there is a tendency to exaggeration in rich foods leading to stomach upset or bowel disorders. Peaches. plums and prunes help to regulate the bowels as does squash.

December 16: Venus sextile Saturn: This combination promotes healthy skin and acid/alkaline balance. It also confers good common sense in the choice of foods which aids to vitality and endurance.

December 17: Mars sextile Pluto: This combination strengthens the reproductive and eliminative systems and is an aid to fertility. There is also energy and endurance and the ability to transform a difficult health problem.

December 20: Sun trine Uranus: You can be energetic and restless today. Your energy level is high and this combination is an aid to good blood circulation.

December 21: Venus trine Neptune: This is a benign combination lifting the spirits and putting you in a spiritual or creative state of mind. A good day for leisure activity.

Mercury conjunct Jupiter: This is an optimistic combination giving a feeling of hope and the ability to overcome stress. Health should be good.

December 24: Mercury square Neptune: You may find that during this period you are not as alert as usual. You can have problems remembering things. Eating Brazil nuts helps to restore mental energy. Effective herbs for the memory include goto kola, fo ti, periwinkle and ginseng. This can also be a period of anxiety and worry. Edible mushrooms are known to relieve tension. You can experience irrational fears today or weak nerves. You need to practice positive thinking.

December 28: Venus sextile Pluto: You can find yourself wanting to try a new diet or heath regimen. You may be striving for a healthier lifestyle. Can be a feeling of regeneration.

December 31: Mars enters Aries: Mars gains strength as it enters the sign of its rulership. There is action and energy and physical stamina. A good time to start a new health regimen. Muscle building exercises are useful for endurance. The energy can be so strong now there is a tendency to hyperactivity.

Accidents can occur due to rashness and haste. The temper may need to be controlled, Highly spiced foods can have an adverse effect on your body. Peppermint tea is excellent to relieve moodiness and relieve stress. A tea made from tarragon is useful against hyperactivity.

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