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Health of the Nation

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October 2018

Welcome to my monthly astrological health guide, Health of the Nation. Using planetary transits, the high points of each day with significant activity follow below. The information is geared to the general public and includes helpful tips to deal with stressful planetary combinations as well as information on days that promise vitality, mental stamina and/or endurance. This page, just like the rest of this Web site, is subject to a disclaimer.

October 2: Mercury square Pluto: This is a mentally intense combination. Your nerves can be ragged and you are easily ruffled. Foods such as almonds, apples and strawberries aid the nervous system. The glandular system can be off possibly caused by pushing yourself too hard. Ginseng is known to help balance the action of the glands.

October 9: Mercury enters Scorpio: There can be added depth and focus to the mental processes. A good time to investigate any health issue. There can be obsessiveness and mental strain leading to mental fatigue. The herb kava kava can help relieve the stress associated with work.

October 10: Mercury opposite Uranus: This is an energizing combination which can increase metabolic activity. You would benefit from eating small frequent meals instead of large ones as this will help to restore the energy you are using up. You can find yourself more high strung and could experience headaches or insomnia. You benefit from exercise to help you deal with this stressful combination and to help channel your nervous energy. Siberian ginseng is thought to be an effective stress reducer.

Venus square Mars: This can have a variety of effects such as poor muscle tone, an acid-alkaline imbalance or renal irritation. Women can experience menstrual difficulties. There can also be skin eruptions. Corn, bananas and lentils are muscle-building foods. Avocados are useful to aid an acid-alkaline imbalance. Beets are excellent in regulating menstrual problems.

October 12: Sun square Pluto: There can be a tendency to push yourself too hard today. This can lead to stress-related illnesses due to a lack of rest or moderation. Stress can be relieved by a juice made from celery, carrot and tomato juice.

Mercury sextile Saturn: A good day to begin a diet or a new health regimen. Will have discipline and determination. Mental concentration is also favored today.

October 15: Mercury conjunct Venus: This is a benign combination usually lifting the spirits and giving optimism. There can be some tendency to excess that could affect the intestines. Foods such as yogurt and buttermilk are an aid to the intestines.

October 19: Mercury trine Neptune: This is an inspirational combination. It gives vision and a healthy outlook. It favors spiritual and creative pursuits.

Mercury square Mars: You may crave excitement while at the same time find yourself on the run leading to an acid stomach or bowel irritation. Buttermilk is helpful for an acid stomach. You can also experience mental exhaustion. The tissue salt Mag Phos helps revitalize the brain and the nerves.

October 22: Mercury sextile Pluto: This combination gives mental energy and intensity. You will be able to work on difficult projects without fatigue. You will also find that your mind is alert with good powers of concentration.

October 23: Sun opposite Uranus: Energy levels can be erratic. Will react to any change in the weather. Susceptible to mood changes as the barometer rises and falls. Can be more high strung and moody than usual. There are psychological and emotional benefits from the aroma of freshly baked bread. Ginseng has energy-giving properties.

October 24: Venus sextile Saturn: This combination promotes good health and emotional control. There is the discipline to stay on a diet, exercise and conserve energy.

Full Moon in Taurus: Full Moons can lead to over emotionality and over reaction. Taurus is an earth sign. A body massage can be an antidote to stress.

October 26: Sun conjunct Venus: This is a happy combination bringing joy and contentment. The only negative can be a tendency toward excessive sugar consumption or the consumption of too many empty calories.

October 27: Sun sextile Saturn: This is a combination of endurance, stability and discipline. There is willpower – to stop smoking, to begin a new diet, to start exercising. October 29: Mercury conjunct Jupiter: This is an optimistic combination giving a feeling of hope and the ability to overcome stress. Health should be good.

October 31: Venus opposite Uranus: Heart and circulation can be affected. Avoid overstraining yourself. Can be nervous and over excitable resulting in a skin disorder. Calendula lotion is an effective remedy for skin complaints.

Mercury enters Sagittarius: This is an optimistic combination but there is a tendency to exaggeration in rich foods leading to stomach upset or bowel disorders. Peaches. plums and prunes help to regulate the bowels as does squash. Venus enters Libra: This combination brings the ability for balance and equilibrium in the body. There can also be an increased desire for sweets which could cause skin problems. A small amount of sandalwood oil rubbed on the skin is soothing and a tonic to the body.

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