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April 24 - May 7, 2017

Welcome to your astrological health guide. Using the daily planetary transits, the high points of each week will be given. The information is geared to the general public and will include helpful tips to deal with stressful planetary combination as well as information on days that promise vitality, mental stamina and/or endurance.*

*  Please read the disclaimer

Week of April 10, 2017

April 24: Mercury trine Saturn: Gives emotional stability and stamina. A good day to work on a difficult project.

April 25: Moon aspects Pluto, Uranus, Mercury and Saturn. Can be intensity and disruption as the day begins. Much mental activity. There can be some emotional upset and worry. The hectic activity of the day can make you high strung. A body massage is an antidote to stress. Can be emotional control by the end of the day.

April 26: New Moon in Taurus: Ripe mango, papaya or pineapple are useful for indigestion. Can be more difficult to adjust to change at this time so must learn to go with the flow.

April 27: Moon trine Pluto and sextile Venus: This combination brings intensity and depth. It gives passion to any working project and a feeling of emotional control. This combination promotes emotional health which aids the immune system. There is vitality and good cheer.

April 28: Venus re-enters Aries. Mercury conjunct Uranus: Venus in Aries adds an aggressiveness and passion to the love nature. Can become impatient with those you love. You need calming foods such as strawberries, bananas and figs. Health wise, there can be skin sensitivity which tends toward dryness in the winter. Dry skin can be helped by the use of a humidifier plus wheat germ oil or avocado oil to nourish the skin.

Mercury conjunct Uranus stimulates your mental processes but at the same time can make you high strung and nervous. You need periods of low stimulus as you may be running on nervous energy. Engaging in physical exercise will alleviate nervous behavior.

April 29: Moon aspects Mercury, Uranus, Saturn and Venus. There is much mental stimulation and emotional excitement. At the same time there is a need to tackle difficult tasks. There can be anxiety or pressing worries. You may feel the need for a vacation. A cup of chia seed tea before each meal can relieve anxiety.

April 30: Moon aspects Sun, Neptune and Jupiter. A day of vitality and emotional harmony. There is a balance between inner and out needs and a sense of well-being.

Week of May 1:

May 1: Moon makes hard aspects to Pluto, Mercury and Uranus: You may find yourself going from one extreme to the other as you switch from astuteness to obsessiveness. Emotions are off balance and other people seem to be getting in your way.

A small amount of licorice root can help restore balance. There can be hyperactive activity and nervousness caused by a lot of disruptions during the day. A need to go with the flow. Plan something relaxing to do after a stressful work day. Enjoy a cup of chamomile tea.

May 2: Moon makes harmonious aspects to Venus and Mars and a square to the Sun. There can be uneven vitality during the day. But generally positive emotional energy. A day you can get a lot accomplished.

May 3: Sun sextile Neptune. Mercury goes direct in Aries. This is a day of healing both mentally and physically. You also benefit from outdoor exercise or water therapies such as swimming or a warm bath. Natural health measures appeal to you now. Mercury in Aries can indicate aggressive verbal expression. Can be combative, fast and aggressive mental energy.

This can be a period of mental overwork, increased restlessness and a tendency toward nervous strain. It can be difficult to turn off the mind at night leading to insomnia. Nervine teas such as valerian or passion flower can be helpful. You may find yourself experiencing an overly acid stomach. You need to limit your intake of spicy foods. Ginger tea can help soothe the stomach.

May 4: Moon trine Saturn and square Mars: There is endurance and concentration at first but some tendency for impatience and irritability. Keep stimulants such as coffee and soda low today. Overly spicy foods could lead to acid indigestion. Coriander can be added to food to aid indigestion.

May 5: Moon aspects Neptune, the Sun and Pluto. At times it can be hard to deal with reality today but eventually you will regain a feeling of balance and the ability to become passionately involved in any working project and a feeling of emotional control.

May 6: Moon square Saturn and opposite Venus: The Moon and Saturn are connected with the diurnal cycles and when in conflict with each other can make you feel out of sorts. You may be out of tune with your normal cycles and feeling depressed. Sage tea can help lift a down mood. Moon Venus can indicate cravings for sweets. Stomach indigestion could be caused by overeating rich foods. Ripe mango, papaya or pineapple are useful for indigestion.

May 7: Moon trine Mars and conjunct Jupiter: This is a day of vitality and self-confidence. The body constitution is strong and there is the spirit of enterprise. There is some tendency to excess with this combination. You could be craving fats or unhealthy foods leading to indigestion. Ripe mango, papaya and pineapple are useful for gastro-intestinal disorders.


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