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October 23 - November 5, 2017

Welcome to your astrological health guide. Using the daily planetary transits, the high points of each week will be given. The information is geared to the general public and will include helpful tips to deal with stressful planetary combination as well as information on days that promise vitality, mental stamina and/or endurance.*

*  Please read the disclaimer

Week of October 23, 2017

October 23: Sun enters Scorpio: Scorpio is an intense water sign where one deals with emotional issues leading to a tendency to overreact. This can be a good time for an elimination diet. It is also good time to begin therapy. At this time one may be introduced to new healing therapies that accelerate the healing process. The herb Balm has soothing qualities.

October 24: Mercury trine Neptune: This is an inspirational combination. It gives vision and a healthy outlook. It favors spiritual and creative pursuits.

October 25: Moon sextile Sun, Jupiter and Neptune: There is emotional balance and vitality. You are in touch with your body’s natural rhythms giving physical and psychological health. This combination gives optimism and a feeling of well-being. Healthy emotions aid the immune system. There can be spiritual and creative inspiration.

October 26: Sun conjunct Jupiter: This is a day of optimism and good vitality. This combination can restore you to good health and give resistance to disease.

October 27: Venus square Pluto, Mercury sextile Pluto: Venus square Pluto can lead to sexual excess. Be sure to use proper precautions to avoid sexually transmitted disease. There can be excessive glandular secretions leading to skin complaints.

Tree tea oil used externally is an aid to skin disorders as is calendula lotion. You can have a difficulty metabolizing sugar at this time so should keep intake of sweets low.

Mercury sextile Pluto: This combination gives mental energy and intensity. You will be able to work on difficult projects without fatigue. You will also find that your mind is alert with good powers of concentration.

October 28: Moon trine Venus and square Mercury: This can be a positive combination bringing harmony, pleasure and a desire for comfort but the square to Mercury can cause you to feel scattered and stressed from attempting to do too many things at once. You need to focus your attention on one task at a time and allow yourself frequent breaks.

October 29: Moon sextile Saturn and Uranus: Gives endurance and aids the body structures. A day that you will give you a sense of caution in all your activities. A good day to start a diet or schedule a visit to the dentist. You can also feel energized with a zest for life.

Week of October 30:

October 30: Moon trine Jupiter and the Sun and conjunct Neptune: This combination gives optimism and a feeling of well-being. Healthy emotions aid the immune system. There is emotional balance and vitality. You are in touch with your body’s natural rhythms giving physical and psychological health. As the day progresses you can find yourself spacing out. Can be escapist tendencies. A good day for creative or spiritual activities.

October 31: Moon sextile Pluto, trine Mercury and square Saturn: This combination brings intensity and depth. It gives passion to any working project and a feeling of emotional control. This combination aids the memory and the nervous system. Gives stamina and mental energy.

There can be satisfaction in mental activities and a sensible approach to problems. At times you can feel out of sorts and out of tune with your daily cycles. You may feel lethargic and feel the adverse effects of colder weather. Celery is a brain tonic and starches such as potatoes or yams are heat-producing foods.

November 1: Moon opposite Mars: You can find yourself easily irritated by trivial matters. You need calming foods such as strawberries, bananas and figs. Adding bruised cloves to any tea helps to dispel nervous irritability. Nervous strain is helped by St. John’s Wort.

November 2: Moon aspects Pluto, Venus, Saturn and Uranus: Can be emotional extremes and a desire for comfort. There is the ability to get a lot accomplished today. You will have stamina and endurance and a feeling of accomplishment. If you find that your emotions are erratic, sandalwood as an oil or incense has a tonic and soothing quality.

November 3: Venus sextile Saturn. This combination promotes healthy skin and acid/alkaline balance. It also confers good common sense in the choice of foods which aids to vitality and endurance. Sun trine Neptune: This combination promotes healing. Water therapies are helpful at this items. A spiritual healing could occur at this time or you could benefit from a “hands-on” healer. A walk in a park can be rejuvenating.

November 4: Full Moon in Taurus: Full Moons can lead to over emotionality and over reaction. In Taurus there can be indulgence in sugary food as an escape or a compensation for emotional issues.

Taurus is an earth sign. A body massage can be an antidote to stress. Venus opposite Uranus: Heart and circulation can be affected. Avoid overstraining yourself. Can be nervous and over excitable resulting in a skin disorder. Calendula lotion is an effective remedy for skin complaints.

November 5: Mercury enters Sagittarius: This is an optimistic combination but there is a tendency to overindulgence in rich foods leading to stomach upset or bowel disorders. Peaches. plums and prunes help to regulate the bowels as does squash.

This also puts the planets of locomotion in a locomotive sign ruling the hips and thighs. Use care on icy sidewalks or winter sports. Can also be more of a tendency to coughs. Sunflower tea is good for coughs and colds.

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